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2007 by month
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each month, i will participate in one project of any kind, this might be an exhibition, a group show, or some action ]
site-specific installation with michael delia for ccnoa, brussels, may 10th-june 24th
uitzicht | videoloop
a video-installation that questions the work of art, the art market and the 'hanging on the wall'
ride with me
on one wall fast passing images are projecting, whereas on the opposite, a steel plate of the same dimensions is hanging; a spatial videoinstallation?
active installation instrument
prague skies

a series of recordings, taking in different locations and times. an attempt to look up + understand why the skies look so much more beautiful.. psychotropic enhancements?

elementar dokumentar
work-in-progress dvd, loosely structured around the five chinese elements, that shows different forms of experimental documentation into the performance arts
videos from a
wet corner of the universe
a 70min screening consisting of 11 pieces by seven [video]artists
a series of images where multiple layers and transparencies create dream-like scenarios, something like alternative visual realities
we are composed of 70% water, our planet is mostly water; emoto uses water to demonstrate the impact of consciousness on our surroundings..
resulted out of single shots: the heightened awareness that is required when recording with-in a moment created these minimal poetic spaces, in collaboration with the surrounding environments.