a q u a [ state 1

water in its liquid state has been a recurrent theme in my art practice
over the last five years. An essential part of and to life [as we know it],
it makes up 2/3 over our bodies as well as of our 'starship earth'.
These days we hear of water in the context of climate change, pollution and privatizations and scarcity; but there is a mystical quality to it as well.. fictionalized in the stories of Narcissus.

the next investigation will lead to [state 2, water as solid = ice.


tunnel projection;
collaborative installation with michael delia (sound)
based on workshop in topolo, italy, 2003;
exhibited at la serratura, italy, aug 2004;
at Kunstlerhaus Klagenfurt, may 11 - june 9, 2006;


for 1 + 1 = solo + work with composers and video artists
comissioned and performed by angelica castello, echoraum, vienna, 2005

do nau
ceiling projection; inspired by and with live music by liu-pei, wen developed through imautomaat#1, hainburg, austria, 2007

do nau [ more ]


_o_o_o + water-between
single shot recordings and close-ups of water
for vrnitev and the 59 second film festival, 2004



zurichsee [working title]
a look into the cleanest city lake in maybe all of europe
it's switzerland.. after all .. how about this construction noise then?, zurich, 2006

an der bruck
audiovisual memory from the upper window of el huis, gant, belgium, 2007

an der bruck