Tom White
as the "The Hypnotist", guides a young man through his nightmare as a local magus. Featuring Lars Engstrom and Elisa Gierasch, this film by Seamus McNally was shot in Jersey City and Manhattan by Toronto's Jonathon Cliff, in a mix of 16 mm and DV. Part of the official selection of the 27th annual Montreal Festival des Films du Monde (2003).

sofia bustorff "into the image" (self-portrait for peace) is a reflection about the fear of an unknown tomorrow. looking into one's shadow reveals some of those fears.
"seascape" based on fausto romitelli's composition, draws into layers of one's inner worlds; sub-base recorder performed by angelica castello for "1 + 1 = solo + work with composers and video artists".

Bureau d. "Free Martin Zet" takes place in Coney Island, Brooklyn. shot in 16mm and transferred to video,
we follow MZ as he wanders the beach and waves until he ends up head down looking out. Free at last!

Stephen Lloyd Smith "In Memory of Gegrory Corso" a short portrait of the beat poet and "Hidden Glimpse"
a look into the process of painting and color.

Martin Zet "Pacing" and "KLI 35-80" about steps necessary to transport family and trees.

Michael Delia "Into the Rain" a meditation on rain running down before your eyes.

Jaroslav Koran "setkani v pardubicich" / "Meeting in Pardubice" a chance meeting takes a different turn.