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sofia v bustorff

the creation of dream worlds, the possibility to live out fantasies or to be someone or something else intrigues me deeply. initially my approach was into virtual environments, through aesthetics and philosophy, soon i wanted to become more involved in its realization. I started producing and researching interdisciplinary and collaborative performance between 1997 and 2000.

this research evolved into video documentation for performance arts. I create performance documentaries from a conceptual and subjective viewpoint. sometimes, I recombine events or spaces. I like to feel a cellar or a synagogue, and thus bring out another layer or aspect, something that is present in the act of performance but may get lost in a documentation.

i am currently based in europe, where, i collaborate on site-specific projects or take part in experimental audio-visual actions. some of my work is referred to as "visual poetry": i incorporate different source materials to create dream-like collages or atmoscapes. when I look through the camera i see things slightly differently. i respect the many perceptions of a given moment, and try to show its other aspect(s). in these collages, the conscious and the subconscious blur, as well as the inner and the outer merge. the familiar might become alien, the unknown, friendly.

the introduction of a new, unexpected image into the existing, normal perception of space creates a moment of pause or attention for the unexpecting viewer. within that moment, he/she becomes aware; since something is different. a process of re-appropriation to known reality occurs that is unique: why are gigantic legs walking on a building? where does the park come from that was not there before? who are these enormous people at a party in this desolated space? what am I seeing?? am I really seeing this?

this providing of a unique setting for "experience" is what interests me. many times, it is a space that needs to tell a story, recall a part of its history or be opened up for a new epoch. a kind of architectural acupuncture.

i am passionate about the possibility of the other, the different. virtual, augmented or enhanced realities to add another layer, then to recombine dream and reality, the obvious and the obtuse.

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