l i n k s


"grow your own worlds": an independent, distributed laboratory based on multidisciplinary models of cultural expression

a brussels-based collective experimenting with all things leftfield

is an Alternative Reality platform supporting development of digital, interactive and participatory artistic activities

time's up
laboratory for the construction of experimental situations

interdisciplinary media center for art and technology

center for contemporary non-objective art

KurzweilAI newsletter
weekly newsletter on science and technology

lemurie taz
is an art radio and video streaming project from prague

an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities

berlin based collaborative building scenarios

vienna based artist-in-residence focusing on spatial ex/interchange

a research blog about networked-enabled performance

urban forum : brussel, london, barcelona

Center for Research & Development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts

baku 2022
a virtual organisation exploring long(er) term vision in culture/arts or trying to realize one event on november 7th 2022 in baku azerbeidja

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
develops large-scale interactive installations in public space, deploying new technologies and custom-made physical interfaces

Kjell Bjorgeengen's
art practice is an investigation of reality

Alexandra Dementieva's
main interest is the application of social psychology and perception in multimedia interactive installations

Michael Delia
constructs his instruments, paintings and acoustic sculptures from found objects and materials. His musical performance range from crystally microtonal, meditative, or dramatically majestic.

hans w. koch
transform computers into instruments, solo and orchestra; destroys grande pianos, and just about extend notions of sound, musicality and instruments

Jens Brand's Global World Player interprets satellite topographical data through sounds

Karni Dornell
photography that distills and intenses humanness

Eva Baumann
performance-action-installation artist



art's birthday - eternal network
an annual exchange-art event celebrated on January 17th around the world

an interdisciplinary research project about perception